Nottingham company to abridge Macbeth

Published: 31 March 2023
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Making better theatre by inviting audiences”: Michelle-Louise Wright

Nottingham Shakespeare Company is developing an abridged, one-hour version of Macbeth, which is featured on many GCSE syllabuses, for schools and colleges.

The company is sticking to Shakespeare’s text but “focusing on character, story and communication to make Macbeth accessible to all audiences”.

Anyone interested in the creative process can attend one of three work-in-progress shows on Saturday 8 April which will cost £5. Only 30 people will be allowed into each show in the Arena Church, High Cross Street, Nottingham which will be staged at 10:30AM and 1:00 and 3:30PM.

Nottingham Shakespeare Company actor and director Michelle-Louise Wright said, “the audience is an integral part of the performance and by inviting our audience to our work in progress we know we’ll make better theatre. We want to feel the feedback and respond in our creative process as well as in polished performances.”

Tickets are available at the Eventbrite web site.

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