NToS and Òran Mór One Day in Spring season

Published: 21 March 2012
Reporter: David Chadderton

One Day in SpringNational Theatre of Scotland in partnership with Òran Mór is to present a season of new work from the Arab world curated by playwright David Grieg titled One Day in Spring.

There will be six lunchtime performances under the established banner of "A Play, A Pie and A Pint" in both Òran Mór in Glasgow and Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh written by artists from Lebanon, Morocco and Syria. These will be Can You Please Look Into The Camera by Mohammed Al Attar from Damascus, Dear Glasgow by various authors, Hadda and Hassan Lekliches! by Jaouad Essouani from Rabat, Damascus Aleppo by Abdullah Alkafri from Damascus and Sleeping Beauty Insomnia by Abdelrahim Alawji from Beirut

Greig will direct the final hourlong show in the series, One Day in Spring, consisting of 24 scenes by different writers from all over the Middle East, and there will be a weekly "Arabian Night" at Òran Mór to celebrate Arabian music, food and poetry.

Greig said, "It’s absolutely the right time for us to hear young voices from the Arab world. These plays are hot off the press and they reflect a world view which is far away from 24-hour rolling news and CNN. It’s the inside story of a generation who are trying to shape their world in the streets and squares of Damascus and Cairo and Tunis."

The plays run at Òran Mór in Glasgow from 16 April to 26 May and at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh from 24 April to 9 June.