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NW Productions

Published: 10 February 2019
Reporter: David Upton

Continental Circus Berlin comes to Manchester’s Event City to February 24,with an amalgamation of circus acts, music and youthful energy, incorporating performers from all over the world.

Manchester-based theatre company Box of Tricks launches its new production SparkPlug at HOME in Manchester between February 13 and 23, before going on an extensive 18-venue tour.

A Manchester theatre company promise an ‘Anti-Valentines’ production starting next week. Between February 13 and 23, Wonderhouse will be staging the Northern première of Mydidae.

The infamous Circus of Horrors returns to Preston Charter Theatre on Monday night.

Spirit Of The Dance, at Preston Charter Theatre next Thursday, is marking its 15th anniversary year.

If you fancy a break from Valentine’s Day next Thursday, then Escaping the Perfects is the latest show by Lancaster’s Dukes Theatre Hourglass group whose ages range from 15 to 40-plus.