NW Productions

Published: 23 June 2013
Reporter: David Upton

After 10 years of performing summer productions of Shakespeare around the region, Preston-based Dean Taylor Productions this year stages a modern West End comedy.

Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, by Keith Waterhouse, is lined up for locations that range from Preston’s Avenham Park to Lowther Pavilion in Lytham.

An original theatrical thriller, of murder, intrigue and danger, arrives at Manchester Opera House when Sherlock Holmes embarks on a gripping new case in The Best Kept Secret.

The production runs from Tuesday to Saturday.

A new stage adaptation of H G Wells’s science-fiction classic The Time Machine premières at The Lowry Studio from next Thursday to Saturday, as part of the venue’s Developed With programme.

The Copper Jar, written and directed by Katie Fry, is a comedy drama based around a grumpy and extremely rude café owner Dups and his six regular customers, as they go about their day to day lives. The play is at The Robert Powell Theatre Salford next Wednesday and Friday.

Details: www.thecopperjar.eventbrite.co.uk

A taut thriller, The Man Who Woke Up Dead—influenced by 1950s film noir and the dystopian worlds of George Orwell—is at Sale’s Waterside Arts Centre in South Manchester from Thursday to Saturday.

Details: www.squarepegtheatre.co.uk

When the local doctor is found murdered aboard a fishing boat, a village is woken with a jolt. Armed with a back catalogue of Agatha Christie novels and an unhealthy interest in Cluedo, two sleuths set out to discover just who keeps bumping everyone off.

A Cosy Murder is at Liverpool’s Unity Theatre next Tuesday and Wednesday.