Oddsocks releases Hamlet the Comedy online

Published: 5 April 2020
Reporter: Steve Orme

Paul Daniels at Hamlet’s father in Hamlet the Comedy

Derby-based touring theatre company Oddsocks is releasing the second in its series of past productions, Hamlet the Comedy which features the late Paul Daniels as a hologram of Hamlet's father.

Oddsocks toured the play in the winter of 2010–11. The footage has never been posted publicly but the company is releasing videos of past performances “to keep spirits up” and support its community of freelance actors and creatives.

Original music for the production was written and played by Jamiroquai lead guitarist Rob Harris.

Hamlet the Comedy is the second production released by Oddsocks and will be available from 7PM on Friday 3 April. It can be viewed at the Oddsocks web site. A different show will be added each week.