Oily Cart’s Birmingham show for deafblind children

Published: 31 March 2017
Reporter: Steve Orme

The cast of Kubla Khan

Theatre company Oily Cart are collaborating with national disability charity Sense on the company’s first production for children and young people who are deafblind.

Kubla Khan is aimed at young people with complex disabilities. The show is inspired by the acclaimed poem by Coleridge. An audience of children and adults was invited to a venue in Birmingham. A multi-sensory pleasure dome allowed them to experience the temperatures, textures and aromas of the play.

Tim Webb MBE, Oily Cart’s artistic director, said, “one of the key reasons why I chose to work with this text, apart from the fact that it’s filled with verbal descriptions crying out for multisensory interpretation, is that it’s written in a rich and intricate style, featuring rapidly shifting points of view and characters.

“It offers a multitude of facets that can be appreciated both by the brain and the senses and is therefore perfect for deafblind audiences.”

Kubla Khan will tour from August 2017.