Oldham Coliseum’s 'Mini-Podcast Series' continues to present new work

Published: 5 June 2020
Reporter: David Chadderton

Oldham Coliseum Mini-Podcast Series - Episode 1 cast

For each episode of its Mini-Podcast Series, Oldham Coliseum has invited writers to respond to a theme within a specified length, with pieces ranging from 100 words to a 20-minute short audio-play.

Launched on World Theatre Day 2020 (27 March), the episodes, which are an audio series on Soundcloud and not actually a podcast as yet, have included new works by well-known names, professional playwrights, emerging writers and young people from the local area for the series recorded remotely by professional actors with an introduction from the theatre’s Artistic Director Chris Lawson and edited by the theatre’s Digital Associate Grant Archer.

Episode 1: 100 Word Plays (about Oldham) features 17 plays of no more than 100 words based on the theme of Oldham written by well-known local writers including Julie Hesmondhalgh, Ian Kershaw and Lindsay Williams and local emerging writers. The cast includes John Askew, Natalie Gavin, Sam Glen, Darren Jeffries, Jack Radcliffe and Coliseum Associate and Supported Artists: Hafsah Aneela Bashir, RedBobble Arts (Kelly Munro-Fawcett, Louisa May Parker and Martha Simon), Fine Comb Theatre (Rachel McMurray and Catherine Morefield) and Sorcha McCaffrey.

Episode 2: ‘Off Out’ Monologues features three monologues written by young people aged 21 and under about a character’s once-daily trip out of the house. The three monologues in the episode, Like Dad, Like Duck by Joe Walsh, A 60 Minute Adventure by Adele Barnes and A Birthday in Quarantine by Freya Williams, were recorded by actors Jake Talbot, Natasha Davidson and Sonya Nisa.

Episode 3: Pop and Crisps is a new 20-minute audio play by Sorcha McCaffrey. Saf hasn’t seen her dad for 20 years. Her aunt said he went to Scotland. Linda over the road said he went to the North Pole. Her mum didn’t say anything. On the brink of making a life-changing decision, Saf arranges to meet him again. It was recorded by Cora Kirk and William Travis and directed by Chris Lawson.

Episode 4 will see the Coliseum collaborate with DANC (Disabled Artist Networking Community) and disabled led arts organisation TripleC on plays of no more than five minutes in length responding to the theme of Distance.

The Coliseum’s Mini-Podcast Series is free to access. It is available on the Coliseum web site or on Soundcloud.