Panto Day announces 2020 celebrations

Published: 15 October 2020
Reporter: Simon Sladen

Panto Day 2020: The Year of Creativity Credit: Original design by Helen Friel, Year of Creativity treatment by Robert Ashford

Founded in 2011, this year marks the tenth annual Panto Day celebrations with organisers revealing 2020's theme as the Year of Creativity.

Scheduled for Friday 18 December, venues, companies, creative teams and panto passionistas across the UK are invited to come together using social media and the hashtag #pantoday to toast the wonderful world of pantomime.

Celebrating past, present and future creativity, Panto Day 2020 will shine a light on those who help bring the magic of Pantoland to life each season. 84 pantomimes are currently planned for the 2020 season with 191 venues postponing or cancelling due to COVID-19. The Year of Creativity will explore the industry’s creative response to COVID-19, spotlight the creative teams that make each season happen and encourage people to get creative at home.

In the month leading up to Friday 18 December, Panto Day’s social media will spotlight a #designeroftheday with the Year of Creativity also seeing new articles added to the Panto Advice Page.

In addition, top costume and set designers will create brand new pantomime designs to be downloaded and coloured in from Panto Day's download page so that everyone can get creative at home.

For more information, visit Panto Day's web site or follow @panto_day on Twitter.