Peaceophobia parks up in cities

Published: 29 August 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Peaceophobia Credit: Karol-Wyszynski

Conceived in Bradford and co-directed by young women from Speakers Corner Collective and award-winning theatre company Common Wealth, co-written by Zia Ahmed and Bradford Modified Club, Peaceophobia is a new immersive theatrical experience to be performed in a car park in Bradford and Manchester this autumn.

A response to rising Islamophobia, the part-car-meet, part-theatre show explores how to find peace in a world that tells you who you are.

Ali, Sohail and Casper are taking control of the narratives around their religion, their city, and their cars. Staged with a Supra, a Golf and a classic Nova, Peaceophobia brings together cars and theatre with cinematic lighting and an electronic sound score.

The production was conceived by members of the collective Speakers’ Corner, a group of women and teenage girls who wanted to tell the story of young Muslim men and their experiences of Islamophobia. They hope to create an uncompromising and thrilling theatrical experience.