Plans unveiled for Leicester children’s festival

Published: 22 June 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

Trina Haldar and Daryl Beeton, directors of the 2022 Spark Festival

The two directors of a children's art organisation which produces an annual festival are planning the 2022 event which will offer live as well as digital performances.

Trina Haldar and Daryl Beeton are asking children to be inquisitive and compassionate towards themselves and others as they prepare for the Leicester-based Spark Festival in February 2022 which will include theatre, dance and music.

Beeton said, “it's a great opportunity to be programming and working with a wide range of incredible artists across the city and online whose work will speak to and connect with the children, families, and communities of Leicester and bring a playful curiosity back into our lives.

“This is an exciting opportunity for The Spark and our partners, bringing the best performers, artists and musicians directly into the heart of Leicester.”

The Spark has announced its At Your School Festival programme which will have a mixture of theatre, dance and music performed in school halls including Josephine, a joint production by The Egg, Wales Millennium Centre and Oxford Playhouse, and Butterflies, a co-production by Tangled Feet and Half Moon.

The Spark Festival will take place from Monday 7 until Saturday 13 February 2022.