Plays for our time

Published: 19 September 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Who Cares?

The Dukes in Lancaster hosts two hard-hitting and highly-pertinent real stories next month.

Both explore themes surrounding social and health care but from a unique angle.

Who Cares (October 8–9) explores and illuminates the plight of vulnerable young carers by focusing on the stories of three young students in a powerful piece of verbatim theatre. It highlights the impact of a failing social care system, austerity and what happens when a child becomes the parent.

Accompanying the show, Barnardo’s Lancashire has developed Continuing Professional Development workshops aimed at helping support those working or involved in the care sector.

Sophie, from Hiding Place Theatre (October 15), is about sisterhood, womanhood, class and disability. It’s an autobiographical story which explores the story of Emily and her sister Sophie, who has Down’s Syndrome, and their upbringing in Hull.

Created by and starring Emily Curtis along with her sister, the titular Sophie, who is also assistant director, the play follows them through their teenage and adult years.

The production has been touring the country, raising awareness and funds for the Down's Syndrome Association.