ProPortal gets YOU connected

Published: 15 September 2021
Reporter: David Upton


ProPortal is a new and free online platform developed by Unity Theatre, Liverpool and has been created to diversify the UK touring circuit by bringing together artists and programmers who would normally struggle to connect.

At its simplest, ProPortal is a private, online library of performances available for tour and artists available for commission. Through ProPortal, programmers and producers at venues and festivals will be able to watch high-quality recordings of company work through the video platform.

Created following two years of conversations with artists, it’s a centralised, cost-free, accessible and sustainable alternative to expensive festivals, cold e-mailing and cross-country travel.

It’s designed for easy information sharing, watching, shortlisting and contacting. To submit work, artists need only complete a short form which will then be approved and uploaded by the ProPortal team. From there, programmers will be able to explore the library of work and filter their search by genre, location, format, staging, availability for tour and accessible performance options, as well as additional community, education and artist development offers. The portal also includes tour packs, technical information, a favouriting tool to support with shortlisting, a live Q&A calendar and contact button for users to speak directly with artists about their work.