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Restoration levy in ticket price at Nottingham venues

Published: 16 March 2019

Transaction fees on booking tickets at the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham are to be phased out and replaced by a restoration levy.

The existing fees of £2 per transaction online and £3 by telephone or over the counter will be phased out from 1 April 2019. All events that go on sale after this date will include the new £1.50 restoration levy.

Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall interim venue director Jonathan Saville said customer feedback played a valuable part in shaping the new fee structure.

“Our customers tell us that adding a transaction fee at the end of ticket purchases can be frustrating. They would prefer to simply pay the advertised price without having to worry about any additional fees.

“By including a restoration levy within the price of a ticket, we’ll be able to make the booking process more straightforward for customers while ensuring that the venues can continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.”

Steve Orme