Ride The White Swan on Youtube

Published: 19 July 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Grace O’Leary as Niamh O’Donovan in The White Swan

The White Swan is a monologue performance by writer, storyliner, director and producer Grace O’Leary.

Niamh O’Donovan visits her counsellor to discuss her husband’s hopes of beginning the process of adoption. As the couple decided early in their marriage not to try for a family, Niamh is thrown by his sudden change of heart.

As she ponders the possible challenges ahead, she starts to reminisce about her youth which leads to sharing her fears and guilt about how different her life could have been.

Grace has been writing and producing theatre in the North West since 2009 and her play A Swift Half? at the Bridge in Manchester marked 10 years of her work last November.

Catch The White Swan on YouTube.