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Rescue story of 7,000 Danish Jews from Nazis in new play

Published: 30 November 2018

Rosenbaum's Rescue, a new play exploring the true story of how over 7,000 Danish Jews managed to escape the Nazi occupation in 1943, will star David Bamber, Neil McCaul, Dorothea Myer-Bennett and Julia Swift.

In October 1943, 7,500 Jews fled Denmark in fishermen's boats, crossing the water to Sweden to safety from the occupying Nazi regime. How did thousands of Jews slip through the grasp of the most powerful war machine ever assembled?

Hanukkah 2001, at a remote home on the snowy Danish coast, Lars and Abraham have not seen eye to eye for decades, but old tensions refuse to thaw as Lars's pursuit of the truth concerning the flight of Danish Jews during WWII challenges Abraham's faith, patience and memories.

Playwright A Bodin Saphir said, "Rosenbaum's Rescue is inspired by my grandparents' story of escape from Nazi-occupied Denmark. Although he rarely talked about it, my grandfather was witness to a moment in history the contemporary historians now believe to be an important piece in the puzzle to understand why the 'rescue' of the Danish Jews was so successful and who was responsible for its success.

"A new generation of Danish historians are re-examining that 'miracle rescue' and their conclusions have proven shocking. Although my grandfather found it difficult to speak of that time, I feel that now his story has finally been heard."

Directed by Kate Fahy, Rosenbaum's Rescue will be at London's Park Theatre in January 2019.

Sheila Connor