Rosy has life of her time

Published: 25 October 2019
Reporter: David Upton

Passionate Machine by Rosy Carrick Credit: Sharon Kilgannon

Dr Rosy Carrick’s show Passionate Machine (which won, Best New Play at the Brighton Fringe 2018 and an Infallibles Award for Theatrical Excellence at the Edinburgh Fringe) recounts how Rosy had to build a time machine to rescue her future self, stuck 100 years in the past where she had travelled in order to save Russian Revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky from suicide.

She explains the reality of time travel, taking in David Bowie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, sci-fi, CERN and particle physics, self-discovery, motherhood, Dr Who, #MeToo and '80s time travel films along the way.

The show visit’s The Edge Theatre & Arts Centre in Chorlton, Manchester November 22 as part of a national tour—the only North West date for the Stalybridge-born writer and performer.