Saint Petersburg Ballet to Chester

Published: 19 January 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet returns to Storyhouse in Chester with Swan Lake.

The dance company delivers traditional productions of the best-loved Russian ballets. A relative newcomer to the UK, it has already built a following.

Swan Lake is at Storyhouse from January 30 to February 1 for four performances, including a matinée.

A full orchestra complements the dancing and traditional staging to bring a taste of imperial Russia to the UK.

It features principal dancers Natalia Romanova, Evgeny Silakov and Yassaui Mergaliyev (seen on BBC’s The Greatest Dancer).

While hunting, Prince Siegfried catches sight of a stunning swan. As he draws his bow to shoot, the swan transforms into a beautiful woman, Odette. She tells him that she is a princess who has been cursed by an evil sorcerer to spend her days in the form of a swan and swim in a lake of tears.

At night, she becomes a human again. The spell can only be broken if a prince swears his eternal fidelity to her, otherwise she and the other maidens must remain swans forever. Tricked by the evil Rothbart into declaring his love for another, Siegfried pays the ultimate price for his betrayal.