Scratching around for 24:7

Published: 15 May 2014
Reporter: David Chadderton

24:7 Theatre Festival 2014

Manchester's 24:7 Theatre Festival will hold a Spring Scratch Night this week in which 12 writers' "instant scripts" will compete for the audience's favour.

The 12 plays, each no longer than 2 minutes 47 seconds, will be performed as readings by the 24:7 players and then the audience will vote on their favourite. The winning writer's prizes will include tickets for this year's 10th anniversary 24:7 Theatre Festival and drinks at the anniversary party.

Tickets are £3 on the door but must be registered in advance at Eventbrite as they are limited to just 80 attendees. £1 of the entry fee will go towards a National Lottery scratchcard, with the proviso that any winnings will be split down the middle between the ticket holder and 24:7.

Anyone who fancies a go at being one of the writers for the event can attend the Writers' Working Lunch on 21 May, hosted by award-winning 24:7 writer Ian Townsend and Goofus Theatre Company. Registration for this is also on Eventbrite.

The 24:7 Spring Scratch Night will take place on Thursday 22 May at Odder Bar on Oxford Street in Manchester.

This year's 24:7 Theatre Festival runs from 18 to 25 July.

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