Second Northern theatre to close

Published: 19 March 2023
Reporter: David Upton

The Exchange Theatre

Hard on the heels of the closure of Oldham Coliseum at the end of this month comes news that Newcastle’s Exchange Theatre charity, theatre and café bar will close April 17.

North Tyneside Council, which owns the building, has appointed a preferred provider to be a new long-term leaseholder for the Saville Exchange building.

Over seven years, The Exchange has welcomed artists, singers, musicians and theatre companies for various productions, events and exhibitions. The Exchange Theatre has been a unique venue, providing a space for culture within North Tyneside supporting creatives and championing accessibility within the arts.

The Exchange pays particular credit to founding members Karen Knox and Mike Fleetham and Board of Trustees members Toby Bridges, Anne Hallowell, Si Beckworth and Sarah Callender.

Until April 17, all bookings and events will take place as planned and the café bar will be open as usual.