Something for all in Phobos

Published: 14 October 2020
Reporter: David Upton

The Delirium of Phobos

Carnival of Eternal Light brings its new production The Delirium of Phobos to the 2020 Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.

Based on the genres of fantasy, nonsense and absurdity as well as different performance styles, including circus and dance, Phobos tells the story of Beastburden the Fairy who is running from the humans who hunt her because of her name.

Phobos is Carnival’s third show after the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland adaptation The Looking Glass and the original superhero-based Elysiad. It is written by actor, playwright and Carnival founder Franklyn Jacks under his pen name J F Cornes.

It premières at The King’s Arms Theatre in Salford November 2–3 at 7PM.