Spanner in the Works goes for three in a row at Buxton

Published: 26 June 2023
Reporter: Steve Orme

Colette Hart
Neil Heaney

Belfast company Spanner in the Works is hoping to lift the Buxton Fringe theatre production award for the third year in a row with What if, the story of a mother’s loss amid the Shankill Road bombing.

The company took the accolade in 2021 with artistic director Patricia Downey’s all-female three-hander Buttercup. The following year, Downey’s Runny Honey repeated the feat.

For 2023, Spanner in the Works will present What if, written and directed by Downey and performed by Colette Hart and Neil Heaney. It follows the “heart-breaking story of a mother’s loss and how her strength carried her not only to honour her daughter’s name but give hope to many for the future”.

What if can be seen Underground at the Old Clubhouse, Buxton on Wednesday 5 July at 7PM, Thursday 6 and Friday 7 July at 4PM and Saturday 8 July at 1PM.

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