Special Measures teaches Buxton Fringe about life in schools

Published: 7 July 2019
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Shining spotlight on schools’ difficulties”: Special Measures

Two young teachers make their Buxton Fringe debuts with Special Measures which explores why more people are allegedly leaving the profession than ever.

Secondary drama teacher and playwright Dean Osgood and primary school teacher and playwright Molly Atkinson, otherwise known as Blackboard Theatre, delve into what life is like as a teacher in 2019.

The emerging writers are coming off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign and have gained sponsorship from Voice, the trade union for educational professionals.

Osgood said, “I hope that we can shine a spotlight on the difficulties schools are facing with government cuts. I also hope a key takeaway is the importance of arts education within our schools and how it helps develop the social and moral compass of our young people as well as teaching key skills.”

Osgood and Atkinson will perform Special Measures at the United Reformed Church, Buxton on Saturday 13 July at 2:30PM before taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe.