Stars line up for Broadway Baby virtual reading

Published: 14 August 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Born of necessity”: Broadway Baby

Theatre stars are to take part in a virtual reading of the children's book Broadway Baby by Russell Miller, with a proportion of sales going to the Theatre Artists Fund.

Catherine Tate, Sharon D Clarke, Matthew Henry, Adam Cooper, Simon Anthony Rhoden, Jo Servi, Claire Sweeney, Madalena Alberto, Suzanne Shaw, Kerry Ellis and Norman Bowman have signed up for the reading of the illustrated book which was written by theatre operator and producer Russell Miller with Judith A Proffer.

Miller was inspired to write Broadway Baby after searching for a gift for his partner’s newborn daughter Olivia. With nothing available, he crafted the book as a go-to for theatre fans and performers alike.

Illustrated by Yoko Matsuoka, Broadway Baby “celebrates the importance of theatre and creativity; encourages children and theatre lovers of all ages to create and be whatever you want to be, whoever you are, wherever you are; and reminds readers that even the loftiest of dreams can come true”.

Miller said, “Broadway Baby was born of necessity. I felt there was a real need to create something authentically theatrical that would resonate with theatre lovers and children of all ages, something unique and sincere that serves as a special VIP invitation to join our magical world of theatreland.

"The virtual reading unites some of the UK's most talented performers for theatre fans everywhere to enjoy. I'm so grateful to everyone who’s generously given their time to read Broadway Baby for this special event in celebration of Official London Theatre Kids Week, supporting The Theatre Artists Fund."

Broadway Baby was released in October 2020. The virtual reading can be accessed at the Broadway Baby book web site.