Sticky Door opens for Katy in Edinburgh

Published: 28 July 2022
Reporter: Steve Orme

Katy Arnstein in Sticky Door Credit: Harrison Bates

Birmingham born writer and performer Katy Arnstein is to take her “ukulele-spun storytelling show” Sticky Door to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Arnstein said, “I once heard Dame Minouche Shafik say she didn’t like the idea of a glass ceiling; she preferred the idea of a sticky door where someone on the other side helps you open it and that, once you’re through, it’s up to you to help the next person.

“For me, this was a lightbulb moment as there’s never really been a glass ceiling but a series of closed doors. I’ve got through some of them with the help of people on the other side. Some of them have stayed firmly shut. I hope that Sticky Door can empower the audience to knock down the doors they want to open, be kind enough help others through and encourage us to build our own spaces where the doors remain closed.”

Director Ellen Havard added, “what I think audiences need more than ever is to be told powerful, human stories; to be in a room with one another and to acknowledge that life is heavy but, that through the power of story, hope and connection, change is possible.

“Katie’s wit, charm and sensitive storytelling is what I would prescribe to any weary audience member. Sticky Door is about what it means to heal, what it means to grow and what it means to demand better.”

Sticky Door can be seen in Pleasance Dome (Ace Dome), Edinburgh from Wednesday 3 until Sunday 28 August.

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