Storytellers wanted for new Coventry project

Published: 20 April 2019
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Surprised and inspired”: Theatre Absolute artistic director Chris O’Connell

The hunt is on for stories from across Coventry, with residents becoming storytellers in a new project called City Voices.

City-based company Theatre Absolute and Coventry City of Culture Trust are behind the project which is being led by Coventry-based writers Chris O’Connell and Vanessa Oakes.

Workshops are being held at different locations in the city to bring people together at regular intervals to share their stories.

Two-hour sessions will take place every week as people delve into different styles including writing for the stage and radio.

The first workshops will be at the Shop Front Theatre in the City Arcade, Coventry on Tuesdays, 23 and 30 April, starting at 7PM. There will also be workshops at the Broad Street Meeting Hall, Foleshill on Monday 29 April at 6PM and Saturday 4 May at 11AM.

O’Connell, co-founder, writer and artistic director of Theatre Absolute, said, “we’re excited to begin work on City Voices because of both the challenge and the rewards we’re sure this will bring to Coventry.

“One of the best parts about working in the heart of a community is the ways in which you’re both surprised and inspired by the voices that lie unearthed or hidden in the city.”

Further information is available at the Theatre Absolute web site.