String-driven Washing Machine takes a spin

Published: 23 June 2019
Reporter: David Upton

SLAM Theatre's How to Use a Washing Machine

SLAM Theatre's How to Use a Washing Machine, performing at the Greater Manchester Fringe in July, is also on tour for the summer, at the North Wall Arts Centre (Oxford), Theatre 503 (London) and at ZOO Southside Studio as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

It’s a musical featuring a string quartet which enjoyed a small run last year.

A theme of the show is the difficulties facing young people in trying to establish careers in the arts and during the run SLAM will be hosting a podcast with different representatives from creative industries discussing the subject.

During the tour they will also be working with youth groups in host cities, delivering musical writing and physical theatre workshops and hosting panel discussions.

In Manchester, it’s at Hope Aria Academy in association with Hope Mill Theatre, July 23–26.