Students’ Edinburgh drama is also digital show

Published: 20 August 2021
Reporter: Steve Orme

Ez Holland, Faye Bingham and Nic Lawton in Hear. Speak. See

West Midlands-based “absurdist” theatre company Expial Atrocious is performing its new immersive drama Hear. See. Speak at the Edinburgh Fringe which is also available as a digital show.

Co-founder Nic Lawton who is from Dudley says the three members of the all-female company are students at the University of Worcester studying for a masters in touring theatre. Faye Bingham is from Kidderminster and Ez Holland moved to the Worcester area from Devon.

Lawton said, “we have a passion to create unusual work and we hope that our digital submission showcases some of the highlights of our practice.”

Hear. See. Speak invites you to “the dinner party of your life. The dress code is come as you are. Pour yourself into this twisted tale, relish in a new form of dynamic storytelling and devour this experience from a new perspective. We only ask that you make yourself at home, keep your elbows off the table and be who you say you are.”

The drama premières in Edinburgh until Monday 30 August. It can also be watched at the Edinburgh Fringe web site.