Studio-sized host of work

Published: 22 February 2020
Reporter: David Upton

Manchester Royal Exchange Studio will host an array of pieces of work over coming weeks.

The programme includes a showcase of comedic web skits about typical occurrences in Nigerian households; a funny and unnerving ride through the anxieties of the ordinary; a look into the personal journey of a woman being reintroduced into the hearing community; and an examination of religion, pop culture and black representation.

The programme includes:

  • SoulPay presents First Gen – A Soulpay Ting, written by Oluwafunmisho – 20 February
  • Made in China's Super Duper Close Up, conceived, written and performed by Jess Latowicki, dramaturg Tim Cowbury – 26–29 February
  • Augmented Productions presents Augmented, written and performed by Sophie Woolley – 5–7 March
  • A Jamal Gerald, Transform and Theatre in the Mill co-production, Idol, by Jamal Gerald – 19–21 March