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Success at the double for Dukes

Published: 12 January 2019

The Dukes has more than doubled the number of people it set out to benefit with its pioneering programme of events for those with dementia.

A new report by Lancaster University’s Centre For Ageing Research shows that since 2015, there have been almost 11,000 participations at 241 A Life More Ordinary events at the Lancaster theatre and 15 partner venues nationwide.

The project has also surpassed its volunteer recruitment target with 72 people involved.

ALMO was designed to give people with dementia and their family members more choice, control and greater access to leisure and cultural opportunities.

It was set up primarily for those living in the community but a significant number from residential care settings have participated too.

ALMO began with screenings of classic films which were also open to the general public and still continue. Creative dance, music and storytelling sessions involving a total of 26 artists were features too as well as the formation of Still Me, a new multi-arts group focusing on "creativity, imagination and fun".

David Upton