Surround yourself with Petrichor

Published: 13 February 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Petrichor for Oldham Coliseum

Step into a new world, with Petrichor, a 360-degree experience offered through Oldham Coliseum.

It’s a dystopian reality, where every moment is muted, managed and monochrome. One in which a chance meeting brings two unlikely individuals together and offers a glimpse of what life could be.

It will run online from March 1–7, lasts 35 minutes and can be watched any time during the week.

It can be viewed on smartphones and tablets, with or without a virtual reality headset. You move your device to follow the action so it’s not recommended to view it on a computer, laptop or smart TV. Headphones are also urged as it uses sound to direct you where to look.

It was originally planned to take place in the Coliseum using VR.