“Terrifying” Macbeth to open in Derby

Published: 28 February 2020
Reporter: Steve Orme

Paul Tinto (Macbeth) Credit: Mark Sepple
Phoebe Sparrow (Lady Macbeth) Credit: Mark Sepple
Adam Karim (Banquo), Phoebe Sparrow (Lady Macbeth) and Paul Tinto (Macbeth) Credit: Mark Sepple

Derby Theatre is to present an “epic and intensely terrifying period version of Shakespeare's most regal and timeless classic” Macbeth.

A co-production with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, Macbeth has completed a run in Hornchurch and will go on a national tour after playing in Derby.

Paul Tinto, who appeared in Sam Mendes’s epic war film 1917, will play Macbeth while Phoebe Sparrow, who was Leila Arden in Patrick Hamilton’s Rope at Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch in 2018, will take the part of Lady Macbeth.

The rest of the cast features Rikki Chamberlain (Angus and porter), Martin Johnston (Duncan, old man, servant 3 and doctor), Adam Karim (Banquo), Danielle Kassaraté (2nd witch, servant 1 and Lady Macduff), Daniel Kendrick (captain and Seyton), Colette McNulty (3rd witch, Donalbain, servant 2, murderer 2 and soldier), David Nellist (Ross and murderer 1), Ewan Somers (Macduff), Connie Walker (1st witch, gentlewoman and Lennox) and Tilda Wickham (Malcolm).

Douglas Rintoul, artistic director of Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, directs Macbeth which runs at Derby Theatre from Tuesday 3 until Saturday 14 March.