The Brexit of Boris updated nightly!

Published: 26 October 2019
Reporter: David Upton

The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson Credit: Pamela Raith Photography

The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson, the political comedy from journalist, broadcaster and playwright Jonathan Maitland, will tour next year.

Directed by Lotte Wakeham (artistic director of the Octagon Theatre, Bolton), it will be at The Lowry in Salford March 2–7.

It revolves around the night in February 2016 when Boris Johnson decided to vote ‘leave’. Guests included fellow MP Michael Gove, the journalist Sarah Vine and, for Boris at least, the spirits of Prime Ministers past: Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill and Tony Blair.

As befits the fastest moving story of our time, the script will be updated—nightly, if necessary—to reflect events...

Jonathan Maitland said of his play, “it’s nice to have written something which unites Leavers and Remainers: the audiences so far have laughed, gasped and occasionally cried throughout! It’s quite a brew: politics, power, sex, sovereignty and more rewrites than any withdrawal agreement! But it seems to work. Who’d have thought?”