The Customs House prepares

Published: 11 July 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan

The Customs House
The pre-lockdown Customs House interior

South Shields’ Customs House has prepared for post-lockdown reopening, putting measures in place to ensure the safety of audiences. These include:

  • One-way system around the building
  • Hand sanitiser stations situated throughout the building
  • Fixers on all theatre doors to hold open rather than push and pull
  • Restricted capacity in theatre and cinema
  • Removal of seats to ensure safe egress around theatre
  • Continual rotational cleaning of building
  • Increased number of intervals to enable suitable toilet breaks
  • Limited capacity in toilet facilities at any one time
  • Approved PPE for all staff
  • E-tickets for all performances
  • Refreshment delivery services to your seats to avoid queues at the bar, with a pre-order facility available
  • Opening of auditorium one hour prior to all performances to reduce entrance congestion

The theatre hopes that this year's panto, Rapunzel, which is due to run from 25 November to 3 January, starring Ray Spencer as Dame Bella Ballcock and Davey Hopper as her hapless son Arbuthnot, will be able to go ahead but awaits government guidance.

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