The Edinburgh Fringe 2011: Statistics

Published: 30 August 2011
Reporter: Peter Lathan

The 65th Edinburgh Fringe finished yesterday (29th August, 2011) and provisional statistics from the Fringe Society show that:

  • In 2011 an estimated 1,877,119 tickets were issued compared to 1,829,931 tickets issued in 2010. This does not include free non-ticketed events.
  • Fringe 2011 featured 41,689 performances of 2,542 shows in 258 venues, whereas Fringe 2010 featured 40,254 performances of 2,453 shows in 259 venues and Fringe 2009 featured 34,265 performances of 2,098 shows in 265 venues
  • An estimated 21,192 performers took to the stage in Fringe 2011, compared to 21,148 in 2010 and 18,901 in 2009
  • 607 shows at the Fringe in 2011 were absolutely free, compared to 558 in 2010
  • 1,319 of the shows on the Fringe this year were premieres.

The recent Edinburgh Festivals Impact Study showed that the Fringe annually generates around £142 million for the Edinburgh and Scottish economy. The study also showed that 89% of Edinburgh respondents said that the Fringe and other Festivals increase local pride in their home city.

Kath M Mainland, Chief Executive of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said, “I am delighted to announce this year has been another incredibly successful event. The courage and creativity of the thousands of individuals that participate in this unique, world-class event are what make this such an inspiring and important festival. Performers of all disciplines and backgrounds coming together to tell their stories and share their ideas is an utterly compelling prospect for the audiences, who have flocked to this beautiful festival city.

“Companies start a journey at the Fringe that will continue and resonate with audiences in different spaces and festivals across the UK and all around the world, for a long time to come. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a magnet for performers who come here to share their work in innovative ways and I would like to thank each and every one of them, for their creative endeavour and for deciding to make the Fringe their home for the last month.

“That almost 1.9 million tickets have been issued for this great festival, as well as the many, many people who have experienced the free non-ticketed performances is a great testament to the resilience of the world’s largest arts festival. The Fringe’s committed, loyal and risk-taking audiences have this year enjoyed another exciting, exhilarating, challenging and entertaining month in Edinburgh.”

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