The Living Dead to rise again

Published: 1 December 2019
Reporter: David Upton

Night of the Living Dead - Remix

Imitating the dog joins forces with Leeds Playhouse to stage a shot-for-shot stage recreation of George A Romero’s classic 1968 zombie movie Night of The Living Dead.

The original started out as a low-budget independent horror movie telling the story of seven strangers taking refuge from flesh-eating ‘ghouls’ in an isolated farmhouse.

50 years on, seven performers enter the stage armed with cameras, a box of props and a rail of costumes. Can they recreate the ground-breaking film, shot-for-shot, using whatever they can lay their hands on? With 1,076 edits in 95 minutes?

In their stage production, imitating the dog creates a love song to the original 1960s film, a remaking and remixing which attempts to understand the past in order not to have to repeat it. Their version plans to be in turns humorous, terrifying, thrilling, thought-provoking and joyous but, above all, a parable for our own complex times.

The production is backed by the producers of the 1968 film.

North of England dates:

  • January 24–February 15: Leeds Playhouse
  • February 18–22 (no performance on 20th): Liverpool Playhouse
  • March 2 & 3: Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
  • March 18–21: HOME, Manchester