Time machine play for Lowry

Published: 13 June 2013
Reporter: David Upton

Nunkie Theatre presents a new stage adaptation of H G Wells’s science-fiction classic The Time Machine at The Lowry Studio from June 27-29. The one-man show, written and performed by Robert Lloyd Parry, will première as part of The Lowry’s Developed With programme.

It’s a story credited with popularising the concept of time travel and influencing generations of successive science fiction writers. The story has inspired dozens of sequels, spin-offs and comic books and been adapted twice by Hollywood.

Nunkie Theatre is the company behind the adaptations of M R James’s classic ghost stories.

Robert Lloyd Parry said: “I've always been a great admirer of the golden age of English literary storytelling: Conan Doyle, M R James, H G Wells etc. Many of these early science fiction stories have a strange mix of earnestness and surrealism that I really like—and I suppose I find the figure of the lone, too-intellectual, slightly anti-social visionary an appealing one.”

He plays the inventor of a machine that allows him to travel deep into the future, where he discovers that sinister changes have been wrought.