Tyneside company gets Masonic support

Published: 2 October 2020
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Micky McGregor and Harriet Ghost
The Widows Son’s Masonic Bikers Association

The members of the Northumbria Chapter of the Widows Son’s Masonic Bikers Association are supporting the work of a North Tyneside theatre company, Blowin’ a Hooley, in its outreach work.

The Widows Sons is a group of Northumberland Freemasons who enjoy motorcycling and throughout the year they help to raise awareness of the work of the organisation as well as raising money for charity.

Run by actors Micky McGregor, who was chosen to be part of the BAFTA Elevate programme in 2019, and Harriet Ghost, the company is currently developing a series of workshops and performances based on the experiences of ex-servicemen and women and it was during work on this that the two groups met and the WSMBA made a donation of £100 towards outreach work during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The Widow’s Sons understood what we are doing in the community and decided to help us. We are very grateful and hope that, when we can perform again, they will come and see what their money has contributed to,” Harriet Ghost said.