Uncle Eric has a hard day’s night at the New Vic

Published: 18 August 2012
Reporter: Steve Orme

Uncle Eric's Hard Day's Night

More than a decade after a one-night event of ‘60s music and comedy first took to the stage in north Staffordshire, the latest caper featuring the hapless Uncle Eric visits the New Vic for the next fortnight.

Uncle Eric’s Hard Day’s Night is set in July 1966. Eric Smith desperately needs money before his wife Madge discovers he’s hired out a community centre for a Saturday night disco and hasn’t sold a single ticket.

Fortunately for Eric it’s the day that England wins the World Cup and everyone wants to go somewhere to celebrate. He thinks he’s going to be quids in!

But the band hasn’t turned up, he’s got only three records for the disco and the manager of the community centre turns out to be Madge’s twin sister, Rita. Will Eric get away with it?

Eric, Madge and their gang of singers, actors and musicians will perform Uncle Eric’s Hard Day’s Night at the New Vic from tomorrow (Monday) until Saturday, 1 September.