Wheelbarrow to appear at All in the Mind festival

Published: 7 September 2019
Reporter: Steve Orme

Birmingham-based The Wheelbarrow Theatre Company is to take its show It is Difficult to Love to Fluid Motion's All in the Mind Festival, Basingstoke.

It is Difficult to Love is a story is about a young girl discovering how to communicate with her older brother who has been diagnosed with depression. The company is attempting to break down the stigma and open up the discussion around mental health to include lighter and more hopeful stories.

All in the Mind is a free festival started by Leigh Johnstone of Fluid Motion Theatre Company four years ago to encourage performers and artists to explore mental health themes and to break the stigma that surrounds many aspects of mental health and personal wellbeing.

The All in the Mind Festival will take place at Eastrop Park, Basingstoke on Saturday 14 September. It is Difficult to Love will be staged in the theatre tent near the entrance at 11AM.