Women under the microscope at Buxton Fringe

Published: 7 July 2019
Reporter: Steve Orme

“Adventuring through the female body”: Men Chase Women Choose

People Zoo Productions is to take its comedy sketch show Men Chase Women Choose, which “puts women, sex and science under the microscope”, to Buxton Fringe.

The theatrical production aims to debunk gender myths by using film, physical theatre and music to take audiences on a journey “through decades of bad science” while simultaneously “adventuring through the female body and all its wonders”.

Created by Sophie Giddens, Eve Shotton and Matt Holt and directed by Kate Coogan, Men Chase Women Choose takes to the Underground at the Old Clubhouse stage, Water Street, Buxton from Wednesday until Friday, 10 to 12 July at 4PM and Sunday 14 July at 10PM.