Women Warriors at The Exchange

Published: 30 August 2019
Reporter: Peter Lathan

Newcastle-based female-led Workie Ticket Theatre is to bring Women Warriors, its latest production, to The Exchange in North Shields on 9 October.

The play tells the story of women who have served in the military and the conflict surrounding their rehabilitation into civilian life. Based on real lived experiences, the play explores the themes of PTSD, social isolation, gender identity and friendships formed whilst serving.

It was devised in response to theatre workshops delivered to local female veterans and was written by JoJo Kirtley, Juliana Mensah, Olivia Hannah and Rebecca Glendenning-Laycock and directed by Rosa Stourac McCreery.

The workshops were supported by North East grant-giving organisations such as the Greggs Foundation, The Joicey Trust, Sir James Knott Trust and the Hartlepool-based Hospital of God. Most notably, the group was awarded the Newcastle Social Fund from Newcastle University and has worked with a researcher, Dr Alice Cree, who is also writing about the methodology used by Workie Ticket to engage community groups.

It is the first time anything like this has ever been created in the UK with just women, making it a true and honest account of real-life stories, told with the aim of empowering female veterans.