Worcester theatre to host festival for young people

Published: 27 April 2023
Reporter: Steve Orme

The cast of Sickkk Icarus

Worcestershire-based socially engaged arts company Mobilise and Worcester Theatres are to present the INSANE Festival, a free festival of arts and well-being for young people aged from 10 to 18 which will coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week.

The festival will feature the première of Sickkk Icarus, a contemporary reimagining of the myth of Icarus. Presented by Mobilise, Sickkk Icarus is written and directed by Hannah Phillips with composition and lyrics by Nik Haley.

It features Icarus, a gamer, who is lost in a world of grief after the passing of his dad Daedalus. This retelling of the famous myth reminds us that sometimes you have to fall to fly.

Phillips commented, “in a time when children and young people can't access the mental health support they need, we must intervene at an earlier stage and find alternative ways to support children and young people's well-being. Creativity and connection have healing qualities.

“We’ve been working with Worcester-based counsellor Isabel dos Santos through this process to ensure that our work is informed because Sickkk Icarus deals with some difficult issues such as grief and loss.

“Through this process, we as a company have grown to understand that it is okay to feel sad and to cry. Grieving fully is good and healthy and, importantly, no feeling is forever. We hope to share these ideas with young audiences. The performance is also joyful, full of energy, connection and hope.”

The INSANE Festival will take place on Sunday 14 and Monday 15 May from 10AM until 4PM at the Swan Theatre, Worcester. All events are free but booking is essential at the Swan Theatre web site.

Sickkk Icarus can also be seen as part of Bedlam 2023 at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham on Wednesday 16 May.

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