One Man Star Wars Trilogy

Written & Performed by Charles Ross
Customs House Theatre, South Shields, & Touring

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In a theatre not so far, far away, you are invited to re-live the greatestfilm trilogy of all time in one hour. How can you fit it all into just sixty minutes? You would have to be crazy to try, right? Well Charles Ross is crazy - crazy about Star Wars!

After performing a twenty minute Star Wars skit at a comedy club over six years ago, Ross received such glowing reviews that he knew he had hit upon a real gem. He went on to turn that twenty minute skit into sixty minutes of pure genius! Pure genius that caught the attention and admiration of a little known film maker called George Lucas. Ross was asked to be part of the Star Wars conventions, which would house the harshest critics alive I'm sure. Now six years and over one thousand performances later this space adventure is still pleasing fans of all ages.

No sets or props are used in the show, just the open floor of the stage with lights and sound. I have to say its not the most exiting lighting plot ever to be seen in a show, but the lights are just a slight aid as it's the body and voice of Ross that creates his Star Wars galaxy.

One man shows are always tough to perform, but to perform a piece where you play over ten characters, sing the score, fly spacecraft and create all your own sound effects is tougher than most! Charles Ross, however, does all this with ease; he puts his heart and soul into giving a fan-filled audience a real treat. He has such a great knowledge of Star Wars and it shows, with bags of energy and comedy timing, Ross had his audience in heaven!

If you have never seen Star Wars then you will be lost in the splendid world that is One Man Star Wars, but to a Star Wars fan I'm pretty sure there is no better show in this galaxy or the next. The Force is strong with this one!

Reviewer: Wayne Miller

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