21 Futures

Olly Hawes
Macready Theatre Square Pegs Young Actors' Company
Pleasance Dome

21 Futures

21 young actors fill the stage with wonder and worry. “A cast of 21 talented young actors present a wildly satirical vision of modern society: vapid, vacuous and vain. Angst-ridden, self-mocking and desperately ambitious, this dystopian comedy points a finger at the young, the old and everyone in between.”

One says, “I’m pregnant.” “We support you.” “I judge you.” He says, “I’m not stupid.” “It’s society’s fault.”

Another says, “I’m addicted.” “We support you.” “I judge you.” He says, “I’m not stupid.” “It’s society’s fault.”

You get the picture. 21 young adults take to the stage with a rant about what they have and are going to inherit. Many of the issues are very immediate, as above. Some have a broader scope, as when the plastic containers fall from above.

They know what issues are important to them now. What they have yet to learn is that we were all like this. It's today's Hair. We were so smart. Did we fail. They are infinitely smarter. We’re hoping they do better. We'd feel guilty as the adults in the room if they weren't so engaging. And fun.

With the seasoned Olly Hawes as a mentor, this highly diversified group appear to have their heads in the clouds while their feet are planted very securely in the ground. Whether or not all will go into acting professions, these 21 seem to be well on their way to a self-confident and secure future.

21 Futures is well-developed and executed. The costuming has very much the feeling of streetwear. Beautifully accompanied on the piano. Although Olly Hawes's name is attached as author, this has very much the feel of a collaborative production.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm