3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation

William Shakespeare
Fundamental Theatre Project
theSpace on the Mile

Stretching to find a unique approach or interpretation to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Fundamental Theatre Project out of the US has added a very small clip filmed in 3D, somewhat unsuccessfully and adding nothing but novelty. This is not the only portion of the play filmed.

Star studded performances from the likes of Michael Emerson, Linda Marlowe and Alec Baldwin make this well worth the price of a ticket - for those of you who were expecting to see Kate Mulgrew, you shouldn’t be disappointed. These clips are projected on a torn sheet that also serves for entrances and exits.

Sam Underwood as Hamlet is a little too honest and sincere while Nicola Murphy is a little too worldly. Spencer Aste as Polonius is capable but misses the mark. Jonathan Walker is too likable and admirable a Claudius. All these add to the feeling that the production lacks a strong or mature interpretation.

John McCormick as Laertes and Guildenstern and Jeffrey Omura as Horatio and Rosencrantz do extremely well at moving between roles. Of note; Jennifer Van Dyck shines as Gertrude.

There just seems to be little tension. This rotating cast is solid, although some of the performances lacked the depth that a good director would have easily elicited.

It’s almost as if there were two separate productions that someone foolishly tried to merge. The poorly executed gimmick of the recorded performances and the clear character make this Hamlet rise above the level of an acceptable if soft production.

Reviewer: Catherine Lamm

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