4:48 Psychosis

Sarah Kane
Mardy Arts

From the outset, Mardy Arts' adaptation of Sarah Kane's final play manages to confuse, unsettle and occasionally baffle its audience with its portrayal of a severely disturbed mind.

The seven cast members all appeared to know what they are doing on stage, endlessly moving and repositioning a drum-kit, speakers and other musical detritus whilst either spouting complex monologues, or asking each other random questions. However one can only guess at what all of this was fully intended to represent, as the production came to a rude and sudden halt before the ending arrived, having run well over its scheduled time-slot.

Leaving the audience with questions is acceptable, but leaving them utterly unfulfilled is unforgivable, had the play reached its climax, then I imagine it would have accomplished itself quite admirably. In this instance we will never know.

Reviewer: Graeme Strachan

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