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A Brief History Of Beer

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A Brief History Of Beer

Like lager, this show is a bit too bubbly for my liking. However maybe with a few beers inside you, you might be won over by the enthusiasm of hosts Will and Trish.

They certainly put everything they have into the show and there are some good moments, overall though it isn't a barrel of laughs and that was probably down to the way the subject matter is handled. They manage to cram plenty of information into the piece, but at times this is at the expense of the humour.

There is also a slight mismatch between the exuberant style and the rather dry details about the science of beer production and the various key dates. It might be more amusing to push the audience interaction more. Also the characters of the two hosts and their relationship could have been developed further.

The footage of our ancestors discovering fermentation is good, one of the other best bits of the piece, as is the cameo section, with another comic giving a take on beer. The night I went it was US giant Bronston Jones who gave us some short snappy insight into the benefits of beer, particularly in relation to women.

Whilst not the most poliitically correct of comedians, Jones did command the stage and it was a noticeably more assured comic performance than the main show.

The show does strike the right note near the end though in criticising the way the amalgamation of breweries has led to a homogenisation of beer. They champion the likes of CAMRA for trying to fight this fizzy tasteless tide and this is to be applauded.

Reviewer: Seth Ewin