A Romantic's Guide to the Apocalypse: A New Musical

Huw Smallwood
Reading University Dramatic Society
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A Romantic's Guide to the Apocalypse: A New Musical

What happens when a meteoroid is about to strike earth and the world is going to end in 50 minutes? "Well it would be an hour, but we have to do a quick get out,” the company tells us.

This new musical, A Romantic’s Guide to the Apocalypse, explores these issues as a letter is found written by Bertie Venus (Teddy Turpin) 100 years ago that predicted the arrival of this catastrophic day.

The story begins a week before and centres on the disgruntled Jack (Ben Carter) who is waiting to meet his girlfriend in a local restaurant but she doesn’t turn up and so he meets the waitress Zoe (Catherine Lane) and a love affair blossoms.

Erin Kav is his artist mother and also plays the Minister for Science who is aware of the forthcoming disaster but is unable to announce it. Melis Blackford is the splendid Prime Minister desperate to control the situation.

Jack and Zoe decide to spend their last days in the forest where they meet a cult with their leader Derrick (Patrick O’Callaghan) and decide stay with them until the end.

There are some beautiful ensemble moments and the company sing with sincerity to musical director Jess Martin’s emotive score.

This is a musical with heart and hope, simply staged that reflects on the importance of family and love.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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