Growing Pains Theatre Company
theSpace @ Jury’s Inn

ABCS to LSD is a show produced by Growing Pains Theatre Company, four young women: three performer writers (Rachel Buckley, Emma Grafham, and Maizy Wright) and company manager / dramaturgue Sophia Miller De Vega.

From the ripe old age of 21, they revisit their teenage years. But this is not just a show for young people. In fact, most young people will know much of which they speak. But for us oldies it is revelatory. Here are intelligent, talented performers telling us exactly what it’s like to be young in this second decade of the 21st century. Fascinating stuff.

We learn about their hopes and fears, pains and embarrassments. We hear excerpts from their teenage diaries, and a rather belated letter to Father Christmas. In a sequence full of surprises they launch into lists of ages when first each one... well whatever she did for the first time at that age. There is laughter, angst and self harming, bath time fun and a lost father.

The show rings the emotional changes and at times is a little too close to an audition piece. What’s more, it lacks an overall narrative structure, thus becoming near to a sketch show. But the overwhelming impression is one of energy, talent, and a delight in writing and performance.

If the secrets of success are hard work, talent and luck, I can only wish them good luck. These young performers have the rest with some to spare.

Reviewer: Ray Brown

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