Adam and Eve: The Musical

Ben Hales
Splendid Productions
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Set the morning after the fall of man, Adam and Eve are expelled from Paradise and have to make their own way on Earth. This enthusiastic cast of six are enchanting. They sing and act with confidence and ease and play a variety of instruments.

It is an irreverent, witty look at the Bible story that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is great fun with lots of laughs.

Eve (Claire-Marie Seddon) has to name has to name everything on Earth whilst Adam (Scott Gilmour) is very much the alpha male.

There is a hilarious scene when two security guards in yellow high visibility jackets refuse to let Adam return to Eden.

Kerry Frampton makes a very convincing Caribou who tries to convince Adam to eat a potato rather than her.

Sexy Lucifer (Gerard McGrath) is delighted to be able to influence Adam and Eve, much to the disgust of the righteous Archangel Oliver (Lawrence Libor); their interactions are very funny.

Then there is the awkward, embarrassing discovery of love and sex since the world will need to be populated. But Adam is not quite sure what goes where and Eve is well keen to learn.

Written and composed by Ben Hales with ballads, folk songs and up beat numbers, this is a delightfully whimsical hour well spent.

Reviewer: Robin Strapp

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